The heart of all breeding improvement resides within
the genetic strength and genetic consistency of the foundation females

The genetic strength of the dam and dam lines will determine the breeding value and breeding ability of every sire. Herd sires breed on according to the strength of their dams.

TLM Miss Spice 219M

Sire: EFF Dimension 002K

Dam: Eff Miss Power 817H



FCC MS Witchdoctor 518F

Sire: Witch Doctor

Dam: FCC Miss Black 518D


Dam of 043K


Sire: Black Dice

Dam: Angus


Dam of TLM Synergy


Sire: Iceman

Dam: Witch Doctor


Dam of Bull TLM Basic 962W



TLM Bouncer 152L


• Fertility
• Udder Quality
• Longevity
• Milk


Body Builder x 9015 Future
(Full Sister to Bouncer)

TLM Amy 451P

Bouncer x 007K-Black Dice
(Dam of TLM Synergy)

TLM Miss B 313N

Bouncer x 532E-Trojan
(Dam of TLM Heritage 8316)

TLM Miss B 303N

Bouncer x 007K-Black Dice
(Dam of TLM Rally (Ali)

TLM Miss B 304N

Bouncer x 158L-Jordan

TLM Miss Dutchess 307N

Bouncer x 119L-Black Impact

TLM Dutchess 458P

Bouncer x 612E-Canon

TLM Miss Elite 413P

Bouncer x 026K-Elite

TLM Miss B 552P

Bouncer x 813H-Elite

TLM Miss Beauty 560P

Bouncer x 905J-Black Dice

Contender x 412P

TLM Dutchess 730T
BD: 03-02-2007
Sire:  HAA Contender 243P
Dam:  TLM Miss Bouncer 412P
A many time winner by "Contender" and a full
sister to "TLM Bouncer 152L.

EFF Miss Power 817H
#252142 • 50% MA
BD:  5-26-98
BW: 74# • WW: 632#

Sire:  Elite 415D
Dam:  Miss Power 513F




105.4 31.0 57.7

The dam of Heifer 530R,Cow 219M, Cow 352N and Grand Dam of TLM Heavyweight 623S

TLM Miss Power 530R

Class Winner
2006 Missouri AGR

Sire: Classic
Dam: Miss Power 817H by: Elite 415D


Exhibited by Colby Beisly



113 21.4 52.1


TLM Miss Beauty 560R

Class Winner
2006 Missouri AGR

TLM Bouncer x FJH Black Dice

Exhibited by Kayle Forkner


RSCC Miss Kramer 4P

Division Winner
2005 Missouri State Fair

RSCC Miss Kramer 4P

            DMCC Polleroid 29A ET
Sire: Oakridge Golden Image
            ZTA Miss Blk Ruby 224X

            KGST Fear This
Dam: GVC Sweetheart 130L
            Miss Green Valley 603F

A dynamite purchase from Salton's Denver Pen of 3 Heifers. By the same sire as our herd bull purchase, 'Roots 100P.'

EFF Miss 603F

Sire: Cannon 302C

Dam: EFF Miss 106A
            808 Angus

3/4 Blood
BW: 80 lb.
WW: 561 lb.

Dam of TLM Dimension 002K

EFF Dutchess 409D

Sire: 109A

            DDET 33Z
Dam: 206B
            DF Dutchess 168W

3/8 Blood
BW: 76 lb.
WW: 587 lb.

Great-granddam of TLM Bouncer
Dam of EFF Dutcess 702G
Dam of 3 daughters by Black Dice: 802H, 905J, 108L

EFF Dutchess 702G

Sire: FJH Executive 31C
            Miss Hans 805X

Dam: EFF Dutchess 409D

3/4 Blood
BW: 83 lb.
WW: 658 lb.

Dam of TLM Magnum 003K
Granddam of TLM Bouncer
Dam of EFF Dutchess 901J

EFF Dutchess 901J

Sire: RHM Future
            DE 239

            FJH Executive 31C
Dam: EFF Dutchess 702G
            EFF Dutchess 409D

BW: 71 lb.
WW: 525 lb.

Dam of TLM Bouncer 152L
Dam of TLM Double Up 338N

FCC Ms Witchdoctor 743

            Power Plant
Sire: Witchdoctor
            LLND Ashley

            Popular Haven 47X
Dam: FCC Miss Black 518D

3/4 Blood

Dam of Dr. J
Dam of Cow 043K
Dam of TLM 358N

EFF Miss Elite 953J

            DDET 33Z
Sire: Elite 415D
            903Y - PP

            Cannon 302C
Dam: Miss Cannon 756G

5/8 Blood

Dam of Bull 427P

TLM Miss Ruby 153L

Sire: Cannon 302C

            Cannon 302C
Dam: Miss Ruby 912J
            Elite 415D

3/4 Blood
BW: 76 lb.
WW: 532 lb.

Dam of Bull 401P

EFF Miss Elite 026K

            DDET 33Z
Sire: Elite 415D
            903Y - PP

            Cannon 302C
Dam: EFF Miss Cannon 753G
                        DDET 33Z
            Miss 208B

BW: 88 lb.
WW: 736 lb.

The #1 purebred foundation female in our herd!

Dam of 413P, PB heifer by Bouncer, born 9-6-04, weighing 88 lb.

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